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The Foundation holds an exceptionally comprehensive collection of works by Joan Miró.

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The building, designed by Josep Lluís Sert, is a key example of Rationalist architecture in Catalonia. Col·lecció
Barcelona Miró Tour Barcelona Miró Tour
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Barcelona Miró Tour
This is an itinerary that follows some of the places Miró frequented, and where he was formed as an artist and as a person. Download the App 'Joan Miró'
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19/09 - 08/12/2014
Opening of the new season at the Espai 13 with Priscila Fernandes.
From Miró to Barcelona From Miró to Barcelona
ABC Miró ABC Miró
From Miró to Barcelona Exhibitions
The Fundació Joan Miró presents From Miró to Barcelona, an exhibition on Joan Miró’s works in the city’s public spaces.
ABC Miró
We learn how to read with the new ABC Miró.

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