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Works by Joan Miró


The Foundation's collection currently comprises over 14,000 pieces: 217 paintings, 178 sculptures, 9 textiles, 4 ceramics, the almost complete graphic works and some 8,000 drawings.

The major part of this collection was donated to the Foundation by Joan Miró himself. Other pieces have come from the collections owned by Pilar Juncosa, the artist's wife, and Joan Prats, his close friend and the driving force behind the idea of setting up the Foundation. There have been subsequent donations by Marguerite and Aimé Maeght, Pierre Matisse, Manuel de Muga, Josep Lluís Sert, Francesc Farreras, Josep Royo, Gérald Cramer and David Fernández Miró, grandson of the artist.

An equally valuable part of the Foundation's holdings consists of the works on loan, mainly from members of the Miró family and from the Gallery K. AG founded by Kazumasa Katsuta.

Classification by technique

Sketches Drawings
Paintings Sculptures and ceramics

Chronological classification

1893 - 1919: The early years
1920 - 1931: Paris and Surrealism
1932 - 1939: Times of revolt
1940 - 1955: Configuration of a language
1956 - 1983: In the studio designed by Sert. Maturity

Other classifications

Outstanding works
The smile of a tear, 1973
On loan from Gallery K. AG - in the Sala K

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